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Calendula CO2 Essential Oil (20ML)

Blue Lotus Flower Absolute (20ML)

Calendula CO2 Essential Oil (20ML)

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Product Description

Calendula CO2 Essential Oil

Calendula CO2 Essential Oil Extract is prepared from calendula flowers (otherwise known as Calendula officinalis or pot Marigold) using natural carbon dioxide as the solvent. The oil extract is a liquid at 40 degrees Centigrade, dark red-brown in color, and contains all CO2-soluble lipophilic components. Calendula extract emits a warm, subtle, herbaceous, hay-like aroma and provides excellent relief from redness and inflammation of the skin by stimulating cellular repair. The extract itself is exceptionally versatile and finds usage in a variety of skin cream and sunscreen formulations.


The CO2 Total oil extract of Calendula blossom contains various plant waxes and phytochemicals. Subsequently, the resultant liquid is quite rich, and appears viscous and waxy in the containing bottle, while its color might vary from dark brown to bright red/orange. Before blending the oil extract with the carrier oil, manufacturers tend to warm it a bit, which improves the absorption properties of the essential oil.  


Studies have shown that the soothing Calendula CO2 Essential Oil extract has anti-inflammatory properties. The extract, when used in diluted quantities, soothes skin irritations, bruises (when combined with Helichrysum oil extract), eczema, burns, varicose veins, broken capillaries, chapped skin, radiation therapy burns, dry, and damaged skin. The combination of Calendula CO2 and Chamomile CO2 has also shown abilities to heal chronic skin ulcers.


The combination of 5 percent Calendula CO2 and 95 percent of common carrier oils such Jojoba Oil, as Sunflower Oil, and Fractionated Coconut Oil works amazingly well as a massage oil. The Calendula CO2 essential oil extract is readily soluble in alcohols and organic solvents, therefore, it finds usage in several lotions and creams for treating skin conditions.  

Safety Considerations

Before applying diluted Calendula CO2 extract or its combination with a carrier oil, make sure that you perform a patch test especially if you have sensitive skin. In case, the extract accidentally goes into the eyes, you must flush them with plenty of cold water or an eyewash for at least 15 minutes. It is advisable to wear splash-proof, protective gloves and goggles while handling the extract.