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Blue Lotus Flower Absolute (20ML)

Beeswax Absolute (20ML)

Blue Lotus Flower Absolute (20ML)

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Product Description

Blue Lotus Flower Absolute

Blue Lotus Flower absolute also called ‘Nymphaea Caerulea’ is basically grown in India displaying a sweet, softer and natural scent that one might experience near a blue lotus pond. In Egypt the blue lotus is regarded as a symbol of the universe, sexuality and fertility and has been greatly represented in Egyptian ancient art. According to the Egyptians, blue lotus flower was supposed to be enchanting, mood elevating and seductive.

Blue lotus flower absolute gives out a distinctive energy and positive vibrations allowing your inner wisdom to shine positively. It enhances your mood allowing it to remain calm and focused. Its intoxicating fragrance is considered as a rare valuable extract. Besides increasing circulation and aiding in spiritual connection it can be used as a stress reliever and a sedative.

Uses of Blue Lotus Flower Absolute

Blue lotus flower is a natural aphrodisiac but is presently being used for aromatherapy. It has the ability of promoting ecstasy, sexual desire and euphoria. It aids in meditation and drives away negative thoughts and emotions while promoting kindness, understanding and forgiveness.

Massage oil can be prepared by adding a few drops of lotus flower absolute to the carrier oil that gets absorb through the skin providing a psychoactive effect for both to giver and receiver of massage along with reducing the symptoms of rheumatism and pains. Place a few drops of lotus flower absolute oil in oil warmers to create an amazing aromatherapy experience. Adding a few drops to smoking blends can enrich your smoking experience while adding it to wine will help create a psychoactive brew. The last but not the least if you want to experience an immediate effect, inhale the lotus blue flower absolute and experience the unique effects in just five to ten inhalations.

Lotus flower absolute is used as an ingredient in perfumes, shower gels, facial steam treatments and hair treatments or as face masks. It is also used in aromatic products like candles, room fresheners and incense.

One word of caution-Lotus flower absolute should not be used by pregnant and nursing mothers and should not be applied on infants or children.