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Jonquille Flower Absolute (20ML)

Frangipani Flower Absolute (20ML)

Jonquille Flower Absolute (20ML)

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Product Description

Jonquille Flower Absolute

Cultivated in the wilds, it has a sweet-smelling flowery records drenched with nectar and a hue of tobacco scent. Jonquille flowers or Jonquille is from France and its flowers are used to make a scented potion which is expensive. This is due to huge amount of flowers being used to prepare just a small portion of the perfume.

The flowers are removed by capricious flush, yielding just 0.3 % of tangible concoction which further gives 40% absolute. The scent is believed to have magical effect as you inhale. Jonquille Absolute is primarily used as a base for many perfumes to enhance its fragrance and also for bath products.

Detected as one of the rare essential oils with fewer yields for huge input of flowers, it’s to be used by an experienced aroma therapist.  The perfume is used as a desire booster, to calm anxieties and relieve tension physically and mentally. It’s observed that this absolute has calming effect on the nervous system hence to be used in moderate quantities.

With a crusty, green scent this flavor of essential oil is good at putting someone to sleep as it’s from the Narcissus flower family. Jonquille flower absolute can be marked out in early roman fragrances and the French just love it for its amazing scent. It fills in substantial nuances in bloomy and oriental bouquets. Due to the exoticness it’s considered as floral symbol for Grandmothers day.

Known for its calming and stress relieving properties, a rare form of charm, Jonquille flower absolute is one thing to be added in your list of exotic essential oils. Though a bit expensive yet a noteworthy perfumes to be. It’s a good blend with many other perfumes increasing their fragrance and the scent keeps haunting.