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Ambrette Seed CO2 Extract Oil (20ML)

Rose Bulgarian Essential Oil (20ML)

Ambrette Seed CO2 Extract Oil (20ML)

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Product Description

This oil obtained from whole Ambrette seeds has an alluring aromatic profile – it has an intensely flowery, musky, and sweet fragrance with hints of Clary Sage, Cognac, and Tobacco. A subtle leathery note lends a sensual character to this oil that steadily improves with age. Since original musk, obtained from the glands of the endangered Musk deer, is a banned commodity now, Ambrette seed is the closest alternative to musk.

Origin of Ambrette Seed CO2 oil

Ambrette seed is believed to have originated in the Indian Subcontinent before it reached the Middle East. The oil is extracted from the seeds of a Hibiscus plant, which is found in Asia, Africa, and Northern Australia. These seeds have been used to enhance the fragrance of tobacco, liqueurs, and candles for centuries.

Use of Ambrette seed CO2 oil in perfumes

The scent of musk is very popular in the perfume industry. It is considered an excellent fixative and has the ability to enhance the quality of any perfume. This oil is considered the closest natural choice to the authentic musk fragrance.

Ambrette seed CO2 oil in aromatherapy

From the aromatherapeutic viewpoint, Ambrette causes a perfect balance of hormones in women and men, Hence it acts as a potent adrenal stimulant. It is widely acclaimed as a heady aphrodisiac and its sweet, musky smell makes it an essential ingredient in several aromatherapy preparations. A few drops of this oil added to a tub of hot water can rejuvenate your senses.

Health benefits of Ambrette seed CO2 oil

This oil is considered a natural cure for ailments of the stomach such as acidity, indigestion, and cramps. The delicate aroma of musk can elevate your mood and relieve you of anxiety, mental fatigue, and depression. The oil lifts your spirits and induces positivity. It is a remedy to common cold, headaches, and motion sickness.