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Gardenia Taitensis Absolute (20ML)

Jonquille Flower Absolute (20ML)

Gardenia Taitensis Absolute (20ML)

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Product Description

Gardenia Taitensis Absolute

This fresh floral scented essential oil is distilled from the flowers of the Gardenia taitensis alias gardenia plant. Gardenia plant is said to be originated in Tahitian wilderness and was discovered in the 17th century by Johann Foster who was on the first Pacific voyage with Captain Cook. It is a tropical shrub that grows up to around 4 meters and has dark green glossy leaves that are distributed opposingly on the stem.

It comes as an amber to gold colored liquid and has a deep floral scent that disperses into a refreshing gardenia tone. Tahitian Gardenia scent is especially distinctive from other varieties of Gardenia, igniting sweet dreams. Solvent extraction method is used to distill the flowers to extract the essential oil. This is achieved through a step by step process of submerging the flowers in pure coconut oil for several days.

With its creamy fresh notes which blends readily with jasmine, sandalwood, grapefruit, lemon, and vanilla; Gardenia taitensis absolute is considered one of the favorite perfuming agents used in the fragrance industry. Its rejuvenating scent kindles feelings of well-being, desire and cheerfulness at the same time.

Cosmetic and Skincare Benefits

Over the years the indigenous people of Tahitian polynesia have used Gardenia oil to improve the texture of the skin, to moisturize the hair, to prevent the skin from sagging and perfume the body. High levels of Methyl salicylate protects the lipid layers of the skin which is essential to maintain the texture and tone.

In natural perfumery, Tahitian Gardenia is extensively used in tropical bouquets, garland perfumes, oriental essences and sacred perfumes.

Chemical Constituents

Major organic constituents are; Methyl salicylate - organic ester used as a fragrance, Linalool - a turpene alcohol , Benzyl benzoate - an insect repellant and lotion, and Benzyl salicylate - a fragrance additive and a UV absorber.