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Aglaia Odorata Absolute (10ML)

Aglaia Odorata Absolute (10ML)

Aglaia Odorata Absolute (10ML)

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Product Description

Aglaia odorata, the Chinese rice flower, has a gentle and distinguished scent. It’s considered to represent fortune because its little flowers look like rice grains and are believed to bring wealth and good luck, according to Chinese culture. 'Aglaia' is a derivative of the Greek word for 'brilliant looks' and the name is one of the 3 Greek muses. The plant is an aromatic member of the mahogany family.
The lemony-scented perfume prepared from the plant's flowers - and sometimes the seeds - are used as a fragrance. Oil is also prepared from the shrub which is well used in aromatic therapies.
With a flowery fragrance, this perfume is sure to lift up your senses and is essential for any aromatic therapy to bring a feeling of cheerfulness and harmony.


The leaves, roots and its flowers are used in traditional medicine. Aglaia odorata can be grown in a pot or can be planted on the ground as an ornate plant. Daytime is the best time to have the pleasure of the scented flowers of this plant. With a little maintenance and yearlong smell it’s a must-have for most gardens. It's not known as the Chinese perfume tree for nothing!
The essential oil has extensive uses: from beauty preparations to soap essence and as a good perfume spray. The roots of the plant are bubbled and its decoction is used as a stimulant to improve appetite. Its flowers when dried can be used to treat mouth sores and lower body temperature.

Aglaia odorata Absolute has a splendid lemon smell with a dash of tea. When you walk by the shrub, you should be able to catch its delightful scent. The Chinese rice flower, as it is also known, blossoms almost through the year so that you can enjoy it in your garden for most months of the year, particularly if it is planted in a sunny spot. No doubt the delicate and floral sweet scent of the flower is sure to charm you.